Testimonials from Remillard & Huynh

Dear Mr. Remillard,

I received the check from your firm for the final disbursement in my case. I am happy that the case has finally been resolved, but it is rather sad that my relationship with your firm will be ending. The professionalism of your firm and staff was very impressive, and I was always informed of everything that was going on in my case.

This is the first time that I have ever had to use the services of a law firm and I consider myself very fortunate that I was referred to your firm. I am hopeful that I will never have to use your services again, but, if there ever is a situation where I or anyone in my family will ever need legal services again, your firm will always be the one I contact. Anyone who asks for a legal referral will also be referred to you.

Thank you very much for everything that you and your firm have done for me, and please know that I will always be grateful for getting to know your firm and the services that I have received. Please convey my appreciation to your staff too.

Thank you very much again.

Yours truly,
— R. Mashiyama
When I first called the office following the negligent death of my mother in a foster home, I spoke with Claire and she offered me her condolences and then took my information. I was surprised to get a call back from Larry that same day. I met with Larry and Don to discuss the case and remember Larry saying, “We will prevail.” Larry, Don, Bonnie and Claire handled my mother’s case in a professional, dignified and compassionate manner. Any questions I had were answered without hesitation. They are very knowledgeable and very experienced and if they weren’t sure about something they would research it to find the answer. In the end, we did indeed prevail and we received justice for my mother’s wrongful death.
— Florence G.
In 2006, I was in a rear-end auto collision and suffered a great deal of soft-tissue injury. After several months of physical therapy and doctor appointments almost every day of the week, and an offer of $500 to settle from the insurance company, I sought legal counsel. Larry Remillard’s firm came highly recommended to me by a business associate of my husband. After meeting with Mr. Remillard, my case was assigned to Mr. Don Huynh and I immediately knew I was in the right hands. Don fought hard for my rights and kept me informed every step of the way. Claire and Bonnie were always cheerful and were able to assist me with paperwork. Without Don and Larry’s assistance, I would not have received a fair settlement from the insurance company.
— S. Des Jardins
Larry and Don represented the interests of my family when my husband passed away in 2003. It was a tough case because it involved the negligent care of a prominent cardiologist and hospital in the tight-knit Honolulu medical community. The defendants’ lawyers and insurance companies tried to discourage our efforts repeatedly. Larry and Don never gave up. Larry fought like a bulldog every step of the way. At times, I felt as though he was fighting for his own family, yet always maintaining a professional demeanor. Because of the nature of the suit, emotions were intense, but thanks to this team’s levelheaded approach and dogged determination to succeed, we were pleased and at peace with the final outcome. I would highly recommend Larry, Don, Bonnie and Claire to anyone looking for a group to represent their interests in a legal dispute.
— S.C.
Larry and Don made me feel comfortable in an otherwise very uncomfortable situation. They have the compassion and knowledge that made my harassment case bearable from the beginning to the end. Also their staff is very thoughtful, efficient and kind. I have recommended this firm to other people in need of their services because I think they are the best.
— H.C.
As a woman in my twenties I was subjected to sexual harassment by my manager and others at the travel services company I worked at in Honolulu. Even though I firmly and repeatedly asked the manager to stop the harassment, the conduct continued and got worse. After about a year on the job, I was fired.

I was referred to Mr. Remillard for a possible sexual harassment claim against my manager and my former employer. After investigating my case, Larry agreed to represent me. He was in charge of my case from the initial investigation all the way through trial. Throughout the entire process, my former employer completely denied that any harassment occurred and vigorously defended the case. The company, which has affiliates throughout the world, made it clear that it would fight the case to the bitter end. At each step along the way, Larry fought off the tactics of my former employer’s attorney and also kept me informed of developments as the case progressed.

My former employer refused all efforts at settlement and forced the case to trial. At trial, Larry was organized, prepared and professional. He demonstrated great command of the case and was skilled in the presentation of evidence. In closing argument, Larry clearly and convincingly summarized the harassment I was subjected to and the distortions the defense was relying upon. The jury returned a verdict of $1,235,000, including $1,000,000 in punitive damages against my former employer.

The company appealed, and the case thereafter settled on a confidential basis. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and highly recommend Larry as an attorney who will vigorously and skillfully fight for his clients.
— R. Aoki