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When you and your employer have agreed that you will be separating from employment, i.e. severing your employment with your employer, often times, a severance agreement / severance package will be prepared for your review and signature. The severance agreement contains the terms and conditions of your severance / separation. The most common terms are an agreement / promise by the employee to never pursue any legal claims against the employer for any events or actions that arose during the period of employment, and in exchange, the employer promises to pay the employee a specified amount of money as a severance pay. Severance packages are not required by law, but in some cases, when you have a contract setting forth the terms and conditions of your employment, if the contract requires that a severance package be offered in the events of separation / severance from employment, the employer will likely be obligated to follow the terms of the contract when offering you a severance package.

If you are not sure about the rights and remedies that you are potentially giving up in exchange for a severance package, or if you wish to negotiate more beneficial terms for yourself under the severance agreement, we are here to help you.

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